Can we call him Macheesbro‽

The first two games of the Danny Dimes Era have come and gone, and so has the Giants' winless streak. After a fortuitous victory in Florida and a stroll through the hapless capital, Big Blue is sitting pretty at a relatively unimpressive (but nonetheless exciting) 2-2.

The Bluethers also cover the choking of Odell, the brutality of Burfict, Saquon's injury, Ryan Connelly's torn ACL, and their recently-acquired tickets to next Thursday's game in Foxboro.

It looked like my golf drive!

In an unprecedented Instant Reaction Episode, Zach and Willys break down a devastating loss for the Giants at the hands of the other, other New York team that now owns Corporate Insurance Stadium. In a first half that determined the game, the Bills looked like a team that could win the title... and we all know that they can't.

The Bluethers discuss the unfortunate state of Big Blue's defense and what they might do to improve it. They also chat about—SURPRISE—when Daniel Jones might see the regular-season field, and take a look ahead to the Week 3 matchup in Tampa.

That's a hard no for the Minshew!

With a bonafide football game complete, the Bluethers talk about... actual football. The Giants are 0-1 and look far from competitive with Dallas, so thank goodness Buffalo is coming back to Corporate Insurance Stadium this week. If the Bills can barely beat the Jets, they're just the team the Giants need.

Of course, the true highlight of the pod is an update on Odell's $300,000 watch, which has now been worn like a sweatband during a professional football game.