It looked like my golf drive!

In an unprecedented Instant Reaction Episode, Zach and Willys break down a devastating loss for the Giants at the hands of the other, other New York team that now owns Corporate Insurance Stadium. In a first half that determined the game, the Bills looked like a team that could win the title... and we all know that they can't.

The Bluethers discuss the unfortunate state of Big Blue's defense and what they might do to improve it. They also chat about—SURPRISE—when Daniel Jones might see the regular-season field, and take a look ahead to the Week 3 matchup in Tampa.

The lightly precedented triple episode!

The Bluethers are back at it to get you up to speed on the Giants' last three "games." After a won bye week and two football victories against other football teams, the Giants are looking increasingly competent at the sport they play and increasingly incompetent at securing a quarterback of the future.

With Thanksgiving and a rematch with the Eagles fast approaching, Zach and Willys also look ahead to what we can expect in Week 12 and whether or not the Giants are, in fact, 2-0. (Spoiler: nope!)

Rain football is fun football!

Zach and Willys start with another 4th-quarter Giants loss, this time in Tampa against the Buccaneers. They break down what they liked (very little), what they didn't like (a lot more), and how a bunch of numbers fit together (that part's particularly exciting). They finish the episode with a look ahead to Week 5 at home against the now-Los Angeles Chargers, and try to figure out which of these winless teams will leave Sunday with a win in the books.

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No field goals are good field goals!

The guys start with a breakdown of the bizarre and (again!) dispiriting loss in Philadelphia, complete with a lengthy tribute to the superhuman talents of Odell Beckham, Jr. They try to figure out what the Giants can do to improve, and then wrap this episode up with a preview and predictions for Week 4's game in Tampa.

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