I'll give you a hint: boink boink!

The Giants are 1-0 in the playoffs this year, or we can at least assume as much given the club’s general stance toward creative interpretations of success over the last few months. The biggest news out of Big Blue World this week is all about Josh Rosen, so the Bluethers take this once-in-a-lifetime chance to talk even more than usual about Josh Rosen. They take a look back at Wild Card Weekend, compare their predictions, and look ahead to the NFL’s Round of 8. Zach and Willys also break down the latest developments for elite quarterback prospects and take a lesson about football from the GOAT, President Abraham Lincoln.

The Dalai Lama loves Alcatraz!

Nothing is normal for the team that's proud to be boring. Zach and Willys recap the loss at Oakland, Geno Smith's first start for Big Blue, and whether anyone should care. They also take a last look at the firings of Ben McAdoo and Jerry Reese, before a preview of the rematch with the Cowboys and The Ones' favorite segment: Quick Hits.

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Secondary Eli is tertiary!

There's one big news item in New York Football Giants Land this week, so Zach and Willys dive in. They break down why Eli was benched, how he was benched, and whether or not the management's decisions this week make the long-term future of Big Blue any brighter. They also recap the Thanksgiving loss at Washington, and preview Sunday's matchup in Oakland against the Raiders.

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It was a game with a decent quarter!

On the exceptionally rare occasion of a Giants victory, the guys talk about the one exciting quarter of Week 11, the game's two novelty interceptions, and the likelihood that Big Blue will win just enough to mess up their draft positioning. After a quick preview of the Thanksgiving game against Washington, Zach and Willys debut a brand new segment: Quick Hits.

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The unprecedented double episode!

This episode gives Zach and Willys a chance to break down two games at once. With humiliating losses against the Rams and at the 49ers, the Giants look like one of the worst teams in the NFL, and the worst team the franchise has fielded in decades. The guys discuss what's still interesting about the Giants, the moral hazard that is Roger Goodell, and the possibility of the Giants starting next week's game against Kansas City with a golf-inspired handicap.

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