An Inconvenient Blueth comes to you each week from Studio East (New York, New York) and Studio West (San Francisco, California). Meet your hosts, or, as absolutely no one calls them, The Bluethers.

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Zach Perry

Zach is a lifelong New York Giants fan who has lived all over the East Coast, including New York City, Baltimore, Connecticut, and Miami. He has five life passions:

  1. Buffalo wings

  2. Country music

  3. Texas hold ’em

  4. Running

  5. New York Giants football

His favorite holiday is Thanksgiving because he gets to sit on his couch, eat turkey, and watch football for ten straight hours, but more importantly he gets to be thankful for the great things in his life, including the two NYG Super Bowl victories he witnessed. He’s addicted to his golden retriever Whiskey and he’s really bad at golf despite playing a lot. Zach’s other teams are the Miami Hurricanes and the New York Yankees.

In real life, Zach is a practicing CPA in Manhattan.

Willys DeVoll

Willys is still writing this. He’s a bit tired, but excuses aren’t valuable.