He's heading to the bowl!

The Giants continue to lose, start to trade players away, and stop pretending that they're competing for a spot in the playoffs. Zach and Willys battle their own exhaustion—both physical and Giants-viewing-related—to bring you some hot talk about the Monday night loss to Atlanta, the Eli Apple and Damon Harrison deals, and what in darnation Jon Gruden is "doing" as "coach" in Oakland.

I know more about taxes than fires!

After another wildly uninspiring week of football from the New York Football Giants, Zach and Willys try to make lemons into some kind of juice-like beverage. Mostly, though, they discuss why the Giants continue to look so bad, how the club might be setting itself up for 2019, and whether Odell Beckham, Jr., is justified in pointing out just how challenging Big Blue's situation is.

Other topics include the color navy blue, how much people know about putting out fires, and inane nicknames for sporting venues.