He's heading to the bowl!

The Giants continue to lose, start to trade players away, and stop pretending that they're competing for a spot in the playoffs. Zach and Willys battle their own exhaustion—both physical and Giants-viewing-related—to bring you some hot talk about the Monday night loss to Atlanta, the Eli Apple and Damon Harrison deals, and what in darnation Jon Gruden is "doing" as "coach" in Oakland.

I think it's just kind of run its course!

Inspired by last week's GOAT episode and the Giants' continued inability to win professional football games, Zach and Willys dive into one of the strangest and most exciting weeks of the 2018 season for the New York Football Giants. They discuss crazy special teams play, Eli's two interceptions, Odell's touchdown pass, and Saquon's brush with a scary leg injury.

Other news discussed in this episode includes Zach's newly re-ratified status as an everyday hero and champion of All That Is Good, the continuing legacy of the last name Rosenhaus, and Zach's terrible birthday present.

It's a Tom Twister!

1 game, 1 loss, lots of penalties against the offensive line.

With regular season play finally underway, the guys discuss the Giants' frustrating Week 1 loss at home to Jacksonville. They run through the vulnerabilities on the offensive line, the inability to exploit opportunities on special teams, and the state of Eli Manning. They also revel in the game's many positives, including a stellar performance from Odell Beckham, Jr., and flashes of brilliance by Saquon Barkley.

Most importantly, they take a look at which model of helmet Tom Brady wore in Week 1 before doing a round of the world-famous Analytics Update.

The episode ends with a preview of the Week 2 game at Dallas, with predictions from Zach and Willys on how Big Blue will fare against the Cowboys.

This can be the sequel!

The Elis are back and about the same as ever.

Zach and Willys hop on the mics for another brief episode. (They play first halves. The games don't count yet.) They break down the win against the Jets on Friday, Eli's return to the field, and Eli Apple getting targeted and flagged. They discuss what we may have learned about Davis Webb, unexpected personnel on the Jets, and Zach's reading of the TB12 bible. They wrap up with a quick preview of the coming preseason finale against the Patriots and a fresh tweak on what's looking like it may well become the official Season 2 episode signoff.

Rain football is fun football!

Zach and Willys start with another 4th-quarter Giants loss, this time in Tampa against the Buccaneers. They break down what they liked (very little), what they didn't like (a lot more), and how a bunch of numbers fit together (that part's particularly exciting). They finish the episode with a look ahead to Week 5 at home against the now-Los Angeles Chargers, and try to figure out which of these winless teams will leave Sunday with a win in the books.

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