Ethan, say Blueth!

The Bluethers welcome a very special guest to the show this week: Mr. Ethan Rothstein, a fan of nearly everything from Boston and Dave Matthews. The newly formed triumvirate preview the Super Bowl, discuss officiating and the infuriating ending to the NFC Championship Game, and make a quick round through baseball's offseason. They also spend some time on whether and/or when Josh Rosen will appear on the pod. To top it all off, Ethan leaks extremely important national security secrets, so tune in for that if nothing else.

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I'll give you a hint: boink boink!

The Giants are 1-0 in the playoffs this year, or we can at least assume as much given the club’s general stance toward creative interpretations of success over the last few months. The biggest news out of Big Blue World this week is all about Josh Rosen, so the Bluethers take this once-in-a-lifetime chance to talk even more than usual about Josh Rosen. They take a look back at Wild Card Weekend, compare their predictions, and look ahead to the NFL’s Round of 8. Zach and Willys also break down the latest developments for elite quarterback prospects and take a lesson about football from the GOAT, President Abraham Lincoln.

That used to be my anger!

In the much-anticipated Season Finale of An Inconvenient Blueth, the Bluethers recap the final two games of the Giants' 2018 campaign with an eye toward anything that isn't explicitly or substantively related to the 2018 campaign. They take an initial look at the big offseason questions hanging over Corporate Insurance Stadium, including the fate of Eli Manning and what the Giants may choose to do with the sixth overall pick in the draft, and highlight some unexpected lessons from the otherwise depressing year that was for Big Blue.

Other topics discussed in this episode include which kind of jersey to purchase from the NFL store, the Big Ben v. Eli debate that nearly dismantled the Perry family on a recent car ride, whether or not Zach is an accredited doctor according to NFL rules, and how many body parts count as multiple body parts. In the word of the President, "Enjoy!"

I am in a dog house!

The Bluethers return to the mics (kind of) to break down the drubbings that the Giants have, respectively, handed out and received in the past two weeks. Given the Giants' now-firm position in the NFL's bottom-of-the-middle, they take a look at developments in Oakland, Arizona, and how teams are increasingly jockeying for their preferred draft placements. Naturally, Rosenhaus and Josh(es) Rosen are also mentioned reverentially before Zach and Willys wrap up with a look ahead to Week 16 in Indianapolis against Andrew Luck and The Other Guys Who Get Paid By the Colts.

According to them, they're 3-1!

CORRECTION: “in medias res” appears to have been first used by Horace, in Ars poetica.

It’s that kind of episode because it was that kind of game. The Bluethers take to the mics to recap the most entertaining and disjointed game of the Giants’ 2018 campaign. They break down the emergence of Aldrick Rosas as a premier kicker, Odell’s touchdowns on the throwing and receiving ends, and how it was possible for Big Blue to nearly lose this game.

With the Giants perched between a wild card spot and a top-tier draft pick, they also look ahead to the final games of the year, and the possibility that the Giants will finish the year, according to them, 7-1.