Too little too little too late!

After some time to cool off after Thanksgiving and another frustrating defeat, the Bluethers are back to give you some more smoking hot takes on lukecold mediocrity. They spend a lot of time breaking down the fall-from-ahead loss in Philadelphia and Zach Ertz's continued success against Big Blue. They also discuss Saquon's stellar first half and baffling near-absence after halftime, as well as Pat Shurmur's performance at the helm of the Giants so far and whether or not he should be retained heading into the 2019 season. This episode also includes a question from HOF One Seth and a preview of Week 13's pairing with the Chicago Bears.

The lightly precedented triple episode!

The Bluethers are back at it to get you up to speed on the Giants' last three "games." After a won bye week and two football victories against other football teams, the Giants are looking increasingly competent at the sport they play and increasingly incompetent at securing a quarterback of the future.

With Thanksgiving and a rematch with the Eagles fast approaching, Zach and Willys also look ahead to what we can expect in Week 12 and whether or not the Giants are, in fact, 2-0. (Spoiler: nope!)

I like that cheese is in the word!

Following a loss that Zach believes to be one of the worst football games he's ever seen, the guys take another look at the now-uncontrolled destiny of the Giants. Is this season looking even worse than last year? Will Secondary Eli finish out the season as Big Blue's starting quarterback? Will Eli Manning continue to be called "Secondary Eli" by Zach and Willys now that Primary Eli plays for the Saints?

Tune in for the answers to these life-defining questions, plus listless words about the meaning of banal dysfunction.

He's heading to the bowl!

The Giants continue to lose, start to trade players away, and stop pretending that they're competing for a spot in the playoffs. Zach and Willys battle their own exhaustion—both physical and Giants-viewing-related—to bring you some hot talk about the Monday night loss to Atlanta, the Eli Apple and Damon Harrison deals, and what in darnation Jon Gruden is "doing" as "coach" in Oakland.

I know more about taxes than fires!

After another wildly uninspiring week of football from the New York Football Giants, Zach and Willys try to make lemons into some kind of juice-like beverage. Mostly, though, they discuss why the Giants continue to look so bad, how the club might be setting itself up for 2019, and whether Odell Beckham, Jr., is justified in pointing out just how challenging Big Blue's situation is.

Other topics include the color navy blue, how much people know about putting out fires, and inane nicknames for sporting venues.